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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  April 28, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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so there's one stop for everything. [ female announcer ] at safeway, that's our promise. that's ingredients for life.3 massiveetornadoes tear 3 almost 22hundred people.. the damagg it caused.. and the 3 -3---------------------------------------- ------ the same sysstm that -3the south.. mooed iito -3 maryland. the parts of thh state thaa could still sse severe weather.. and big change ffr theeweekend... in - my skywatch forecast.. 33 ------ and hylicia barnes father.. visitsswhere the body of his aughter was found. found. & 3&p dumped her in the wter..-water. howw &ppe's tryiig to cope with her mmrder. ---------------------------------------- & ------ and obseesed witt the royal wedding. look so hhppp together." &ptoggther." the extrrme easure this woman is taking to makeessrr he & seess he historii event. 3 good evening,,i'' jeff barnd. parnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. wicked weather llaaes it's mark on thhe
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&preeioo.. in irginia... ssspected tornados are blamed for hhlf a ooen deaths. 3 kathleen cairns.../ -3 tells us,...// p ááiiááá/... maryland, .../ -3 severe storms .../ rought ddwn trees.../ heaay flooding.kathleen? 3 right now: xxxxxmeanwhile, & phe loodiig hhs eannhile, the riiht nnw: xxxxx riiht flooding has caused dozens of road cllsureesesseccally in ccrroll and frederick county. 3as the skks grow dark in nnck schauu takes shelter. -3& (close on ffce)it puts you in the elements but iid rather be out here hen in a hotel room" -3 but heeis well aware of the this things not gonna hold u the skyssoveeheaa... while 16 miles away... (nats walking & through stream) everyone is looking bellw... (voice only)
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(bill van houten-family cant lead due to flooded road.)"this is the worst i have ver seen it"in libertytown....(bill ccose)"iff we had a canne.. ww could turn thii into a water park." bill van houten ..and hii familyy can't drive out of the driveway. ((ill)"pulling waaer into the motor i didnt waat o take that chance"recent rains lead to heavy flooding.. ssmee otorists turn around.,... others chance it... (nats water slaahing)(jeff aatempp to go through there.. its very qqicc mooing wattr.. you dont know wwat hs happpnnd to the roadway under thh watee. " ssme power outaaes have been -3 reported ii monttomeryy carroll and baltimore counttes... bge crews are north balt kc ox 45 ews at 5;30 3 3 there.../ waa... sooe damage.../ ffom... last night's storms.../ p in... carroll counny...// as well....//// áaáá.../ few... rees feel.../ in... westminsstr..../// áá nntáá...// too... thankfully. as.../ we. ..said.../ áánumeeousáá...// tornado watches...// and... warnings...// for... the bbltimore.../ reggon. pegion. chief eeeorolooist
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& vytas reid tracked them all -3 last night ann today. he -3 joins us nnw wiih a look at -3 the manyyssorms syssemm that moved througg. ytas. & vytaa. 33
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3 ere in maryland...we're 3 and eadly. daring storm chasers caught thii -3 vvdeo n tuscaloosa, allbbma.. this toonado was a mile-wiie. it ore up everyyting in itss ath. 3 he storrs are &phundred andd51 deaths in aa hhlf dooen ssuthern states. elizabeth prann is liie inn & cityyin theepath of thhse tornaaoes. eliiabeth.
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southeast is immense -- well into tte mmlllons -- as olks begin the clean-up and recovery process. proccss. the deealy twwsters arving a path along several states.... leaving town affer town lookinn llke a war-zone. - dooens f tornadoee touching down....alabaaa gettiig the & worrt of it. more than &ponn-hundred-sixty dead ii that -3 state aloneáá....hundreds of thousandssleft without power. -3 p one of the cities hit hardest, tuscaloooa... 3 ámaasivvá range oo devastation ttere.maddox says: "we have utter destruction. wwehave -3 basically bben removed from the ap. we have businesses that will noolonger be able to engage in commercc anddwe've got thousands upoo thousands pf citiiens who have loss all oo their possessiins. the extent of thh amage in bartow county, georgia can seen ffom the air.... some homes
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elatively untouched.. whhle thers smashed into the groundd & a famillar scenn througgout twisters left their mark... governors througgout the reggoo issuing emergency peclarations for parrs of their statte. federal emergency response teams alleady mobilized to help ut in the recovery effort...obama says: "i want everr american who hs bbennaffetced byythhs disaaser to know that te federaa government will do everything we ccn to help you recover...and we will stand with you as you rebuild."" 3 -3 3 the president will travel to & alabaaa tomorrow, to meettwith families affected by the ssorms. innbbrmingham, 3 news. 3 jen - question 1wheee were moot of the deaths located?how mann different tornadoes werr dii people have any warningg that these tornndoes were -33 coming?why was the death toll so high?what was the strenght elizabeeh prann, live n birriigham, thank in bbrmingham, ellzzbett prann, elizabeth prann ive nn -birmingham,
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thank you. wickedd -3 weather.../ has... torn--up.../ - parts....of he u--.../ pere's...// our &question of the dayy.- ou thinn seveee &pweather is getttng worss? 3 go to... fox- baltiioreedoo com...// &p áásoundáá off ... thru...// 3 s a tweet.../// youu answer ... to.../ 45-203..../. ááenteráá... ox445 - for... yes../// & ááfox45báá.../ ááyouuáá.... - response... miihh aii ttnight...// on the -3 news at ten.. & 3plug: bc-foxx77-al- early-ttsccloosa-damage p3 &pfirst on foxx.. ii.../ & seerch....of.../ & closure.../// áááhháá... &pfather... off../ ppylicia -3 parnes...// visits... the - scene.../// wheree../ &phis... dauuhter's bbdy.../ was... foondd... last week. ááárimeeá...// 3 joy lepola.../ joined... the fftter .../// áááanáá.... has..../ hhi story. joy. 3&p an extreeely emooiooal ddy
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for the father of phylicia barrns. 3 p until today, russell barnes hadn't seen iieooor -3 pny piitures of here his 3 week. ppylicia barnes 3& she hadnnt been seen since. last week howeeerr.. a worker near he conowingo dam found barnessbody. this afternoon, barnes fatter travelee there. e saw first handdwherr the 3&pdaughter was fouud - floating... ssripped of ny clothing. 3 dumped hee in the waterr(crying))- (crying) &p3 &&p 3 3 i have tt do all ccn do to pput the pieces tooether aa a man aad as a father as a lovee one. i had to ome out here. & 3 pthe conowingo dam ii neerll - 60 miles froo where phyyicia barnes wasslass seen allie. theee is no word toniiht on hhw he teen goo theree eaaly
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on however pollce dii say they puspected she haddbeen - murdeeee. joy lepola fox 45 -33 neww at 5530. 3 tonight?lauren cook has oor traffic edge report. &preportt 33
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it's n-f-l draft dayy day. 3 coming up lattr.../ in sports.../// .a... live report.../ on... the strategy.../ t.hh... rrvens wiil use..../ 3&pteam mmmbber .../ in... rund--one.. 3 3 ---lve tease--- 3 33 and on a much lightee note....the countdown to the royal wedding is onn later on foo45 news at 5:300...the &ppxtreme measure this woman
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took to be sure she wouldd't missstheeprince tying tte kkot. 3 ///////////////// ////////////////////////////// 3
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3 deedly gunfire in east &pbaltimore this afterroon. afternoon. & 3 karen parks is livv on north collinggtn aaenue to explaii & how one shooting led to another.
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3 baltimooe city policc aar fighting back againnt a ash of businesssrobberies there's been a 55-peeccnt 3 . hhre had bben 188 ccmmerciallrobberies this ear comparrd with 121 uring the ssme time last year. pollce are deeloyingga special & unit ow to give business - includdng how to proteet their & pash reeiiters. -3 3 ((rown) "additionally we ask phat you have cameras that they are not only in place but have aa accurrte viewwof -3& points of interest withii the be ennry and exit points that would also be the register and 3 phat." police don't have a particular reason for - tte surge in bbsiness it could bb beccuse of these
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tough econommc times. -3 times. 3 3 3 -3 3 "everybodd wantssto be a princess." ppinnees." 3 royal wedding manna. how faa one woman went to be sure she didn't mmss priice william's ii & p-adblib weether tz-- &p33
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3 we're less than 24 hoors hours away from the royal & wedding. and ne woman wentt po annexxrrem to be there to witnessshistory. -3 history.. o say theresa cunningham is eeamored wwth understatement. ovee the things british...but mostll the royals. she asked for time off ffom work to go.... and bought herrtickets. but 3 tood her thee didn't hhve anyone to cover her shift and if she went, she'd get fired. so she quit. 3 3 & 3 everybody wanns to be a princees.(reporter question off-cam) "you?"well, i've got a crown, yeah. 3 3 3 3 i tood my husband that f i dddn't come home, he would knnwwto send money. (laughs) 3- 3 theresa says she's stayiig in a hhtel neer westminster abbey, but is planning to camm out so she -33pan get a good ssot to see the royyl family.
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3 we'll have coverage of the royal wdding ttmorrow morninn ssarting at 5 a-m on &pfoxx5 morning news. 3p[= p[=we've.../ had... a áátorradoáá... &pwarnnngs,.../ & watcces.../// lots... of wicked.../ weaaher. -3 weather. chief 3 us with he laaesttin the skywatch forecast. vytas..- 3 3 -
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33 you caa be in charge of your own personalizee ffrrcast. -3& i-radar is now available at foxbalttiore ot com. use the interactive tools to track coming storms doon to your street. go o foxbaltiiooredot com slass i-radar 3 3 33 a assive brger... it & looks delicioos, but an you finish it?? wwat thissmeall -3 is made of aad the challenge
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that comes with buyiig 3 3 & 3
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3 a very big news day in the teams will e open for businesss..the nfl is instructing it's teaas and playerr to resume football operaaions friday, and will issue a directive for signing pree agents, mmking trades nd othee roster oww, voluntary worroutss an commence, and coaches ccnnmeet with players...and then, there's he draff tonight... tonight... 3 .and joining us now... live prom the ravvns complexxin with a preview of what the &pravens miggt do... morgan... 3 sot rollcue: "ii's offenss or deffnse tonnght" 3 3 pww look for players that
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3 "we look or players thht we think can ome in and 3 team. do we o in thinningg that t's definiteey going to be an offensive player or defensive player? no we don't. ffotball players. because if pou getta good football playerr like coachhsays, they'll ffnd and let him be a proouctive &pppayyr." 3 p 3 ..,
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3 pe'll have complete coverage &pof the ravens 1ss round pick.... the oriiles look forr and we'll announce the winner of our hhgh school gamm of the weekk.. that's all oming up 3 unlimited... back to you... 3&p--toss to vytas-- vytas-- &p 3 finally tonight, a huge &pburgee is being seeree up at a restaurant in china...and it's aareaalchallenge to eat. eat. take a ook.../
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at... this thingg.../// ááitáá.../// as... more phan.../ 3... pounds of beef,.../ áálotsáá.../ of... leetuce,.../ egg, cucummer .../ and... tomato....//// & ááwhenáá...// ii's... allltogethhr, ...//// ááittsáá...// as... big.../ as... aa football....//// ááitáá....// tips... the scalee.../ at... 5 pounds....///.. ááfáá.../ the... diner.../ ...//.é in... 2 hours.../// áátheyáá...// et itt for free. 3 that's all for fox45 news t 5:30."kkng f queens" is next..-next.and we'll be back onight for fox45 news ttten -- and the laae edition at 11... 11...we'll see you


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